March 15, 2024

WIFF: It’s Hard To Have What You Don’t Plan For

One constant remains as we navigate the various seasons—the power of preparation and planning. I’m thrilled to share this week’s podcast episode, which resonates deeply with this theme: Episode 182: Increase Your Luck: You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter.​

🌟 A Season of Preparation

Reflecting on my journey, my first thought as I wrote this was, “It’s hard to have what you don’t plan for.” This idea was echoed in a recent conversation with a friend and then reinforced by my therapist, who often reminds me, “You prepared for this.” The luxury of having a light schedule with time for two-hour lunch and coffee meetings directly results from intentional planning. My message to you today is simple: plan for the life you want.

📅 The Sabbatical Calendar

I’m sharing a unique tool – the Sabbatical Calendar to assist you in this journey. This allows you to calculate how much of your income you need to save and for how long to take a well-deserved rest without worrying about financial strain.

💡 Keep the Pots Simmering

Since rest is necessary, put a few pots on the stove and let them simmer when you are in your season of hard work. My approach is to have a “few things” you do. Mine range from consulting and speaking to podcasting and investing. This strategy ensures that I’m always able to make money without the need to start from scratch.

🎓 Empower Your College Savings Plan

To support some of you with planning, I’m excited to share a unique offering from my friend ​Kaya Ladejobi​, a certified financial planner. Kaya has crafted a one-hour course to guide you through saving for your child’s education in the most wealth-efficient manner; College Savings Simplified. Use the code MMOMS20 for an exclusive 20% discount.

As we part ways this week, I encourage you to embrace planning with open arms. The path to a fulfilling life is paved with intention, preparation, and a dash of luck – a combination within your reach.


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