My journey is rooted in self-exploration. My success is the result of drive and focus. We are not obligated to stay the same. I hope you change. Feelings are not facts, and they will pass if you allow them to. We cannot be afraid to be seen as we are. If you’re open to doing the work, life gets exponentially better.

I’m so glad you’re here.

Having grown up many without many role models living the life I aspired to, I vowed to share my journey with others if I ever reached my goals. This vow led to CURLBOX, the first subscription service for naturally curly hair, revolutionizing the industry. My efforts include a successful podcast launched in 2011 and a weekly newsletter, “What I’m Feeling Friday,” where I share insights and favorites. Also, I founded Myleik & Mommas, a supportive community for women at all stages of motherhood or those healing their inner child. I am also exploring the return of my popular RETREAT event, last held in 2019, with updates available through my newsletter. My work aims to expose you to more possibilities and encourage you toward your best possible life.

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