December 1, 2023

Rekindling the Ritual: WIFF Returns!

It’s been years since my last “What I’m Feeling Friday” newsletter, and I got the urge to bring these back like the podcast. For nearly a decade, my podcasts and emails were side projects; they were the things I truly enjoyed and layered into my day-to-day work as a reprieve from the “must-dos.” With so much transition in my life in the last five years (birthing two kids, closing a business, and the death of my mother), the rituals of podcasting and writing are soothing my soul.

If you’re new to my WIFF emails, you can expect thoughts and a short list of things I’m genuinely into for the week.

Some things I’m into this week are:

Verloop Knit Slippers: The cool temps are back, and hardwood floors mean my feet are cold! I discovered these last year, and they’re my favorite slippers of all time and my favorite gift to give during the winter months.

Béis Creamsicle Weekender: I’ve gotten many gifts at conferences over the years, and this bag takes the cake. All of the guests at Kim Blackwell’s “EXCELERATEHer” event walked away with this bag this summer. I finally took my bag for a spin on my latest work trips, and YESSSSS. This bag is IT!

Janis Savitt Large Hoop Earrings: These have become my “everyday” earrings (for now). I love the chunky look without the weight. Apparently these are also Oprah’s favorite hoops as well. I actually thrifted my pair and only learned this after.

This week, I dropped a new podcast, “Finding Confidence and Trust in Yourself.” It’s a listener’s letter about self-forgiveness and being the “other woman.” While I didn’t have concrete answers, this discussion will leave you with plenty to ponder. This might not be your personal story, but it’s a topic that has touched the lives of many.

AND AND AND! I updated my “2024 You Need To Read” booklist on my website. I’ll be updating it through the end of the year.

Until next week!


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