My Fall Break

I was sitting in my therapy session a few weeks ago whining about how tired I was … I am SOOOOO tired. My therapist reminded me that I feel this way every year around this time “Myleik, this is cyclical for you … Every year around this time you have these feelings.” I guess I’ve never been much of a summer break kind of girl. I am a person that must take my summer in the fall. The truth is that I like to work through the summer because you can cover so much ground traveling during the good weather months. I usually zig-zag the earth as soon as the weather breaks in March/April and by November I’m done. Knowing this, I usually have a vacation in the que and instead of doing my typical trip to Europe I decided to spend some time wandering in the good ol’ (I’m hopeful) USA.


I started this trip with a flight to Albuquerque, NM. For some strange reason I had an obsession with Santa Fe and I needed to lay my eyes on the city.


Santa Fe, NM

I absolutely fell in love with Santa Fe the moment we pulled up. I booked a room at Rosewood Inn of The Anasazi. I loved the hotel and we had lunch in their restaurant and the food was so good. After lunch we made our way to Site Santa Fe (a contemporary art space). I really enjoyed the Jeffrey Gibson installation.




After viewing the exhibition we went to grab a drink at the small batch craft distillery Santa Fe Spirits. I really enjoyed having two “My Tai’s.” The rum was just so good and the bar was cozy with locals. After happy hour we made our way to Restaurant Martin. We decided to hit this place up after reading that the chef was nominated for a James Beard award. It was decent. I think that’s the curse of just having had a TON of good food in your life time.

The next morning we got up and did some shopping on the plaza and put our name on the list at Cafe Pasqual’s. This is a small cafe that only seats 50 at a time but when I tell you it was worth the wait, please believe me. This is a MUST do for brunch if you’re swing through town. Everything is organic and fresh and just absolutely delicious. Oh! Get a mimosa because nearly every restaurant features Gruet (one of my faves & based in NM). We stopped by their winery on the way into town but they were under renovation. By the time you read this they will be open.

After brunch we took the LOOOOOOONG drive to Marfa, TX. Remember when Beyonce went to Marfa?


Beyonce at Prada Marfa


I’m sort of doing the same thing right?

Marfa is just GOOD. It’s one of those things that you don’t need on the top of your vacation lists but it should definitely be on your “at some point” list. You just have to do this.

First night we stayed at the Thunderbird Hotel (becasue we had to reroute due to weather) and second night we stayed at El Cosmico (this is a MUST).


I stayed in the “Princess” airstream at El Cosmico.

I had the best sleep OF.MY.LIFE in this airstream. I slept so good I had a dream about looking to see what kind of mattress it was.


Woke up feeling like a MILLION!

Did a bunch of stuff in town but this is getting long so take a look at this list. It’s a small town. You can literally do everything in a weekend. Go to the Chinati Foundation. It’s super inspiring. The art is simple yet epic. Oh … and no pictures!


Me in a Dan Flavin at the Chinati Foundation.

Drove to Austin and stayed in a DOPE Airbnb.


Airbnb in Austin (search “WOW windows”) and you should find. Ha!

I can’t go to Austin without a trip to Salty Sow … so that happened. Drinks at The Wheel. La Condesa for lunch the next day — BOMB. Stopped through Houston at Hotel ZaZa (eh). Went to the Contemporary Art Museum, saw the Dan Flavin (since I’m now obsessed) at the Menil Collection. We then walked over to the Menil Collection. Beyonce has been here too. She apparently took tons of pics the day she visited.


Beyonce at Menil

OK … Let’s wrap this up. Dinner at Tiny Boxwoods (one of the best dinners on the trip) and lunch at Pico’s in Houston — also EPIC!

Ended the trip with a drive to New Orleans (which is one of my favorites) and deserves its on post! My break is coming to an end.

You can find the new HU$TLE journal on my site! And the retreat info is dropping next week!! My latest podcast is also getting raves. Give it a listen. #mytaughtyou