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  • 5 Books That Changed My Life

    I’ve read a ton of books and I’m sure that I’ll do several lists featuring several books that mean a lot to me. Today I’m going to share 5 books that had the greatest impact on me to date (because I’m sure this list will evolve over time).   1. The 48 Laws Of Power by […]
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  • How I Started Saving a TON of Money

    I didn’t grow up with best education when it comes to money. I learned how to write a check in the 5th grade and besides that I never learned a single thing until I started college in 1997 and got my first credit card which led to another card and then someone (that shall remain […]
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  • How To Get The Most Out Of Each Day

    How I use my time has always been important to me. With a proper strategy, I will show you how to get MORE out of each day. Many people will allow the day to get the best of them (WHERE DID THE DAY GO?!) and they will look up and they haven’t accomplished a fraction […]
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