10 Kitchen Appliances for BETTER Cooking

I LOVE to cook! If you follow me on snapchat you know that I pretty much cook anytime that I’m home and tonight while making “Shrimp Stuffed-Portobello Mushrooms” I got the idea to share some of my favorite kitchen items.


1. Lemon Squeezer ($6.95): I use A LOT of lemons and lemon juice for healthier recipes. I use it for my massaged kale salad, juice in a smoothie or sometimes I squeeze it over seafood and this just makes it so much easier. I use my squeezer WEEKLY!



2. Zyliss Garlic Press ($9.99): Everything I cook requires FRESH garlic! OK … Not true but it seems like it. Any recipe that calls for “minced” garlic instantly gets better when you use this.


3. Wooden Utensils ($5.99): I just think that cooking with wooden utensils makes cooking so much easier and better. Since I can’t really tell you the specifics of WHY, try reading this and this. I knew there HAD to be a reason for why I love cooking with wood so much.


4. Nesting Bowl Set ($29.99): These are just so perfect to have! They store well and are perfect for whatever you happen to be making.



5. Measuring Cups & Spoons ($19.99): Stop guessing. This just solves the whole damn problem forever and ever.


6. Cutting Board ($7–15): I have a wood and plastic cutting board. I use the wood for my veggies and bread and the plastic one for my meats. So much better than using a plate. Be sure to keep your wood board MOISTURIZED! I use Boos Board Cream on my board.


7. Food Processor + Blender ($79.99): I make smoothies and pesto with this. Best purchase.


8. Caldrea Dish Soap ($9.00): I just feel like I’ve tried every dish soap in the world and this is the best. That’s just me though. Try it and let me know what you think.


Caldrea Dish Soap at Target

9. Reynold’s Non-Stick Pan Lining Paper ($13.98): This has literally saved my dishwashing LIFE! I love making roasted cauliflower that requires a hearty sprinkling of parmesan cheese at the end of baking that would KILL any dish I baked in. I put this down when I don’t want to be bothered with scrubbing. I usually only end up buying 1 per year. It goes a long way!


Reynolds Wrap Pan Lining Paper

10. Cork Pops ($22.00): There is literally NO easier way to open a bottle of wine. NONE!


BONUS: 365 Gathered Truths ($96.00): Inspiration while you cook and one of Oprah’s Favorite Things!