My journey is rooted in self-exploration. My success is the result of drive and focus. We are not obligated to stay the same. I hope you change. Feelings are not facts, and they will pass if you allow them to. We cannot be afraid to be seen as we are. If you’re open to doing the work, life gets exponentially better.

My Story

Hello! I’m Myleik Teele, a multifaceted career woman whose journey is anything but linear. Driven by curiosity and a relentless pursuit of excellence, I’ve woven a tapestry of experiences that defy conventional categorization. While some may know me as an influencer, I see myself primarily as a serial entrepreneur – a visionary who thrives on turning ideas into reality.



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Curated with passion, this collection has my seal of approval. Insightful business reads, transformative self-help, captivating fiction, and pure fun. Dive in and discover your next favorite!


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Transform your commute, workout or coffee break into a journey of self-discovery with me.


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I’m thrilled to offer a deeper dive into my journey and the lessons I’ve learned through engaging talks and personalized speaking engagements. If you want me to share my story and insights at your next event, please don’t hesitate to email me for more details.


My Podcasts

I have gained much knowledge and insights throughout my journey and am thrilled to share them with you through my weekly podcast. My experiences were challenging, so I am here to help you navigate your path more easily. Join me, and let’s learn together—I’ve tackled the tough lessons, so you don’t have to!


My Podcast

In our ever-evolving world and constant barrage of content and information, most people feel paralyzed and unable to sift through how to proceed. Despite the acceleration of change, what remains consistent — are the rules of managing oneself. Myleik Teele, an entrepreneur, and mentor to the masses, helps people position themselves over a lifetime by mastering themselves over and over again. You can listen to her insights every week.

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I aim to illuminate the patterns and trends hidden from your view, empowering you to leverage them for personal and professional growth.
Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey, crafting a roadmap that honors your individuality while unlocking your potential to perform at higher levels. If you’re ready to discover the untapped possibilities within and turn life’s challenges into stepping stones for success, let’s connect. Your next chapter awaits, and it’s brighter than you imagine.